When you want to start in breeding English bulldog, there is something that you should do, one of them is to analyze your motivations. Be sure that you are breeding English bulldog not for the money or the prestige, but for the love of the breed. The next things you need to do is get all the information you need to know about English bulldog. There are so many good reasons to decide breeding English bulldog but there are so many not- so- good reasons as well. That is why you need to study and learn all about breeding English bulldog.

There so many dogs who end up in the shelter and live a life that they do not deserve because there are so many amateur breeders who are not ready, and not prepared at all in planning for the litters of the English bulldog puppy. However, when you do your assignment and some feasibility study about breeding English bulldog, you will have healthy bulldog puppies and will have success in breeding English bulldog. The downside, however is that when you conscientiously do breeding English bulldog. It can be very expensive, thus not profitable business to do. Again, if your motivation in breeding is to earn extra money, forget about it. Breeding English bulldog is time consuming and very tasking too, the feeding, and the veterinary bills can really break your budget. When you do not have extra cash, forget about breeding English bulldog. The veterinary expenses, like pre- breeding checkups, vaccinations, worming, health certifications and a caesarean section, which can be around $900 to $ 1200 is enough to overwhelm you. These are not the only ones you need to spend over, there is also taking care of the breeding bitch and nurturing the English bulldog puppies until they are sold. Nurturing the English bulldog puppies means providing a comfortable, clean and safe whelping box, ample supply of quality dog foods and the time you need for socialization.

Breeding English bulldog does not end there; looking for a good place for your beloved English is not as easy as you think. You have to make sure that the puppies will have a secure home, or have an owner that knows the ins and outs of taking care of an English bulldog. Having said this, when you do not intend to keep at least one of puppy for yourself, then maybe you should not consider breeding English bulldog in the first place. When you breed English bulldog just so your children can watch the miracle of life or because it is good for your bitch to have puppies, then these are bad reasons to breed your English bulldogs. However, when your reason of breeding is you’d like to have another English bulldog just like the one you have now, and hope to inherit as much qualities from your own pet, it is wise to read some useful guide about inheriting qualities and congenital diseases in English bulldogs. There is a possibility that the puppy would inherit the best qualities of your parent English bulldog, there is also a possibility that the puppy would inherit the worst qualities, too. Again, read as many information you can about breeding English bulldog.

After knowing the information you need and is now decided to breed English bulldog, the first thing you need to do is to join some reputable English bulldog breeding clubs and take time to attend the dog shows. It is also wise to socialize to expert English bulldog breeders. Socializing with them would make you learn as much as practical tips in breeding English bulldog. Socializing with expert and reputable breeders would also help you get the best pedigree. Although this is not a fool-proof guarantee that you will have the best of stocks.

One of the essential factor of a successful breeding is of course, having the best brood bitch and a stud. This would help you have the best of the puppies. Once you have the best of the bunch, be sure that you follow through with the check- ups, vaccination, worming, and other factors to assure that your brood bitch is as healthy as can be, since she will be the one who would give you the top of the line, healthy English bulldog puppy.