English bulldog potty training does not differ in the usual potty training of other dog breeds. It takes patience and sheer determination in your part to point your dog to the right direction in their potty routine. You also need to have knowledge of the proven and tested methods of dog potty training. It is very easy to give up on your dog especially if you are not getting any results in your training. You need to understand though that this is not an overnight training. You have to stay with your dog and add in the most crucial ingredient in dog training – repetition. English bulldog are not necessarily known for its intelligence but it can handle very basic training like making sure he does not potty inside the house. Many have opted to use the paper training. This method would require you to put your dog in a room and lay out newspaper all over the floor. You must assign the same room for this training for extended periods of time. As time would pass you will be able to identify an area where the dog favors to do it. You can then reduce the size of the area covered by the paper until you will be able to zero in an exact spot where the dog can identify as “his” place for potty. This can work but some dogs do not respond well to this training (including the bulldog). And it will also take you a longer time to make that transition to encourage your dog to have his potty outside.

You need to remember that this specific training follows the same rules as obedience or simple trick training. Never punish your dog for not following instructions or failing to do as you wish. What could be worse is punishing your dog physically by hitting him. Hitting your dog can destroy the foundation of trust that is needed to exist between you and your pet. When this trust is violated it will not do you any good. The next time you feel the urge to hit your dog control yourself and let it go. Before it was an acceptable practice to just use the tone of your voice to make it clear to your dog that the potty violation disappointed you. Right now however there are studies that would suggest bringing the dog outside after the potty violation, clean up after him and never draw attention to the incident. When you are giving him rewards when he does his potty outside that should be the only attention he gets (and hopefully would remember) when he does the potty. Negative or positive reaction to the potty training can reinforce the practice either way. You might as well go for the practice that pushes for the potty to happen outside.

Another method you can use for English bulldog potty training is the crate method. This training approach revolves around the crate that you can easily set up anywhere in the house. This approach is simply the miniaturization of the concept of the house in the dog’s eyes and perception. The crate becomes their house and since dogs do not potty where they sleep they will learn to hold it off while they are inside the crate. When you also have regular intervals of letting them out the crate and out the house, they will also learn to respect the association between the house and the crate. In time they will be able to understand that the whole house is part of the crate. If they cannot afford to potty in the crate, they must not also potty inside the house. This method can be very effective if you do it right. You might need to make the crate as attractive as possible for the dogs to appreciate it and look at it as their own little abode. Put in some toys inside and a warm and cozy blanket. When you are crate training your dog it is important that he is near you most of the time.

English bulldog potty training can work better when it starts early. Just like molding your child, potty training should be seen just the same. Potty training at an early age can spare you from all the trouble later on when the dogs are all grown up and become harder to train.