When you are looking for reputable English bulldog breeders, you can begin by asking your veterinarian. Your veterinarian is perhaps the right person to ask for referrals because he or she knows the history of the dog that comes into the clinic. The veterinarian would also know about the diseases of the dog or the if the English bulldog is indeed pure bred. Another reliable way of looking for reputable dog breeders is by calling your local English bulldog breed rescue groups, if not the national breed clubs. It would also be wise to go to dog shows and find reputable breeders there.

So why do you need to exhaust yourself looking for the best breeders from the beginning. Well, first of all, when you go to a highly regarded English bulldog breeders, you save yourself a huge amount of money in the end. Why? That is because even if buying from a highly regarded English bulldog breeders can be expensive, but you would be saving yourself thousands of veterinary bills, or even worse, having to go through the pain of putting your beloved pet put to death. Going to the best English bulldog breeders is the wisest decision you could do.

So how do you know the English bulldog breeder is a reputable one? You expect that the dog breeder would be inquisitive. He or she would ask you so many questions; it would be like going to an interview. The breeder would ask you about your family, he or she would really like to know if you would be a great owner or not. The best English bulldog breeder would also be ready to give a follow up service to make sure that the puppy is on tip top shape, and is also ready to take the puppy back in case something is very wring with the puppy.

You might also need to keep in mind that a reputable breeder would be a small scale one. A small scale breeder is the one that only keeps one or two dog breeds. This would ensure you that the breeder is well educated about the breed and taken cared-of. This would also mean that the English bulldogs are raised in a homey environment and not kept outside the house in the kennel run with little human or personal interaction.

Another very important aspect you need to take note of when looking for a reliable English bull dog breeder is that it doesn’t have English bulldog puppies all year round. It keeps an enumeration of interested families for the next available litter. When you see that the puppies are available all year round it could mean that the puppies are shipped in. This means that the English bulldog puppies are taken away from their mothers at a very young and delicate age, and are brought in to a terrible condition. You have to be wary about this, because this could also mean that there is no real evidence of their genetic background.

The good news is that because of the high expenditure of breeding and having small margin of profit, high- scale commercial breeders don’t stay long in the market. You see, English bulldogs are one of the most hard to breed dogs, it needs so special care to breed, and to ensure that they are in great health. But do not take this for granted, this does not mean that all bulldog breeders are responsible. There are English bulldog breeders out there that may not be driven by the money from breeding bulldogs, but they could be driven by the fame of dog shows and the prestige of having the best English bulldogs in town. This can be equally the same because this may lead to the breeders to practice unethical way of raising the English bulldogs. When the breeder pays more attention to the fame, prestige, blue ribbons and trophies, this could mean that the breeder is raising the English bulldog in accordance to the physical conformation with the dog show standard, and is neglecting the right way of raising the English bulldog according to its good temperament. The breeding could also neglect the special health needs of the English bulldog.


Breeding English Bulldog – Be sure that you are breeding English bulldog not for the money or the prestige, but for the love of the breed. Read more…