English bulldog grooming tips are very important in making sure that your dog would live clean, healthy and worthy to stay inside your house. Sometimes it is easy to just decide to put the dog outside but the real responsibility to have your dog to stay indoors is on the owners. You might have some problems with keeping your English bulldog clean. Remember that these dogs are investments on your pocket. Time and effort is also demanded from you. So it would be nice to keep them clean all the time. Besides who would want to play with their pet dogs that does not smell good and in so many ways, dirty?

Grooming a dog is not just a chore. It can be a way to bond with your dog and have a pleasure time with him. When your dog finds this as a very pleasant experience you will not have trouble convincing him to do it over and over again. The common problem for owners is having that grooming time with their dogs. You and your dog can easily get mutually frustrated with how a grooming session can go. You need to realize that the proper mind setting for your dog is the only way to make this routine bearable. Make sure to inject an element of fun to the grooming session. That will put your dog at ease and even make him look forward to grooming time.

Here are some more tips that can lead you to the right direction for grooming. Needless to say it is easy and very doable in regular intervals. First of all you need to understand that not all bulldogs are the same. They have varying thickness in coat. You might also need to observe his daily activities which are unique from one dog to the other. Generally bulldogs are lazy but if your family prompts him to play often, like all breeds of dogs, they would happily oblige. If your dog is very active and have a thick coat you might need to groom him often to steer away from that awful smell.

If you have money to spare and you love to dote on your bulldog then a professional grooming service would be justifiable. Aside from its convenience there is no learning curve for these professionals. They have been doing the grooming business for years so you can expect no problems at all. You know your dog is well taken care of. But if you want to personally take care of the grooming of your dog then that is great too. Grooming would include giving your dog a bath, brushing his teeth, cleaning up his ears. These are not just acts of grooming per se. These are also measures to prevent some health and medical concerns common to dogs like skin disease and irritation (bulldogs are rather prone to this) and prevention of ear infection. Brushing can also help your dog eliminate bad breath and make sure he does not develop any tooth decay which can cause pain later on. These “complications” might sound minor but these can really bother your dog and even affect his appetite. One thing is for sure, you do not want them to have these infections and problems.

You need to brush the teeth of your bulldog every day. This can take you a maximum of 10 minutes to do. Not a big deal at all. Although you can have a regular schedule for bathing, frequency is often dictated more by the need. If there are ticks and fleas then the intervals should be shorter. The least baths you can give your dog in a month is two baths. Other than that you have to depend on the feel of your dog’s hair, the smell even the appearance of your dog.

Clipping your dog’s nails would also depend on his outdoor activities. If he goes out often then you might need to do just minor clipping. The right length of the nails is barely touching the ground. Once a month can be enough for cleaning the ears and making sure that infection is cleared. Ear cleaning that is done too often can lead to irritation that can cause you problems just the same. Be sure to have the right supplies in the grooming of your dog. You need to have a brush that fits right to the coat of your bulldog, combs (fine and wide toothed), nail clippers, toothbrush and toothpaste that are specifically made for dogs and last but not the least shampoo. There are many formulations for these so choosing the right one that best suit the needs of your dog is very important.