There are a lot of British bulldog for sale right now. You can see it in most pet classified ads in the morning paper and in most pet magazines. Many people are rushing to answer these ads without equipping first about the basics of bulldogs. This scenario often end in disappointments to the owners and the bulldogs. British bulldogs are special breed and will be needing special care. The following are some of the problems you will encounter in having British bulldogs as pet. This is not to discouraged potential owners in having one but rather it can prepare with the things you might be surprised on having one at home.

Many of the owners are having their British bulldogs for sale is because of its health problems. Just like most of pure breed dogs, British bulldogs are prone to many diseases. Its short face and windpipe is the main reason why most bulldogs are prone to respiratory illnesses. They can easily get flu and other flu-like problems. Many bulldogs needs constant skin care as they are susceptible to skin diseases and many British bulldogs have genetically hip problems. These diseases though can be prevented through proper care and regular vet check up.

British bulldogs are indoor type of dogs. If you are an active type of person and wants your pet to join you in your activity such as running then you might consider other dog breed instead. They might be too lazy doing intense physical workouts and will prefer playing at home. British bulldogs cannot stand extreme heat and cold. It is a big no-no to leaves them inside the car as they are prone to heat stroke.

Neat freaks will be having problems with British bulldogs as they constantly shed a lot of hairs. Unlike most dogs where their shedding can go unnoticed, bulldogs shed a lot and will require you to sweep floors at least twice a day. They have this nasty habits of chewing anything so it is best to give him a substitute toy and instill obedience training early on.

British bulldogs is a special kind and can be special in many positive ways. The next time you want to answer the British bulldogs for sale ad, ask yourself if you can bear these negative traits of the dog to ensure that you will be having a great moment with your pet in many times you will be together.

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