English bulldog rescue is getting common today because of the changing lifestyle of people today. Pets are very vulnerable to the drastic changes in their owner’s circumstance. Today there are many misplaced bulldogs that are left to either die or be subjected to abuse. This is a very sad reality in the midst of many people wanting to own bulldog puppies and adopt a dog to be part of their growing family. The English bulldog has long been domesticated. This was after the British parliament issued a ban on bull baiting which this breed was actually used for before. That was in the 1800’s and today the British bulldog is one of the world’s most familiar breeds of family dogs. They have this wrinkled face, muscular, rounded and stocky body makes them a very cute pet both adults and children adore. They have this very lazy disposition that adds to their charm. They can weigh up to 55 pounds (even more) and are regarded as very loyal companions. They are generally gentle dogs that are safe and fit to play with your kids. But because of their solid looking build they also make for a very effective guard dog, able to intimidate intruders by their seemingly “tough” appearance. Perhaps the real problem stems from their being loyal to their masters. The exchange for this is their hunger for affection and attention. They need to be cared for and they need to feel needed around the house. Failure to give this to them can make them misbehave.

This is the case of many displaced English bulldogs all over the country. When their owners have to contend with some adjustments in their lives, like having a baby perhaps, the dogs instantly feel they are ostracized. Suddenly their territories shrink, their privileges stripped. They also feel rejected and because of this, they tend to misbehave. It is a fact that humans hate disobedient dogs and dogs that are gets to their nerves more often than they can cope. When this threshold is reached, it is good bye for the dogs.

One reason for bulldogs to be left out in the family is the failure of owners to correctly assess their capability to have a pet dog inside their homes. Having a dog would mean having to clean up more often than you should. You also need to spend time with your dog in training them and playing with them. There is also a financial responsibility with pets. They need medical care too and of course food. That can add to the family’s annual expenditure. It is often too late for the owners of bulldogs to realize that they made a mistake. The decision to not to want the dogs anymore is very costly – at the expense of the dogs.

Sometimes bulldogs need rescuing because of their very nature and the owner’s failure to train the dogs into a set standard of behavior when around people and inside the house. Bulldogs had a wild life in the past – they tackle bulls for a living. They are a dominant breed that without training, can easily surface making them obnoxious. This is a sad story as most owners give up on their dogs because of their own doing. Again the change of heart is very expensive and the dogs are left out to pay for it all.

Bulldogs when not taken care of can develop long term health problems that might be too much to bear for the owners. This breed is commonly rejected because of this reason which makes their case special and should be given attention by people who are willing to welcome displaced bulldogs in their homes. With the circumstances of these dogs it is very easy to believe in the cause of English bulldog rescue. The need to make sure they live longer and better lives is very important. You can be part of this effort to provide a happy home for these dogs and a family that will be willing to take in the burden of taking care of them. They might need extra attention and care but you will also be rewarded when these dogs are able to recover and be the bulldog that they are.