Deciding to buy a dog, especially an English bulldog is a very important decision. You need to have the information you need in taking care of the breed, and most essentially, you need to make sure that you have the right dog that suits your personality. Although, the personality of an adult dog depends on its environment, the way it was reared and the training it received, there are certain personality checks that can determine the inherent temperament of the puppy. This personality test is not a guarantee when it comes to the development of your English bulldog, but this can help you as a supplementary information when you want to buy English bulldog for a pet.

Before we get started, it is important to learn what these five types of dog temperaments are. This knowledge can help you select when you want to buy an English bulldog as an additional member of the family.

The first type of temperament is Type A. Type A’s are the dominant ones. They are tough and can be rebellious at times. These dogs are perfect guard dogs, watch dogs, and police dogs if they are trained properly. These types of dogs , however, are not for the meek and the mild, you need to have a stern leadership, and must have experience in handling these Type A temperaments because they will always challenge your command, and they can smell fear in a second.

The second type of dog temperament is the Type B. Type B’s are the ones that can stand alone, or not afraid to be alone, in other words, these type of temperament is independent, and are self- assured. You need to be firm when it comes to training them or educating them. Dogs with these types of temperament do not like to be idle. This makes them an ideal working dog and a family pet, but if you have a children at home, Type B temperaments are not recommended.

The third type is the type c temperament. These are the ideal type for you when you are the laid back type, and doesn’t want the hassle of power with the pet. Type C’s are the meek, mid and stable. This type of temperament is very ideal as a companion.

The fourth type of dog temperament is the type D. This dog temperament is much like the type C but with a more intense need for affection and is very eager to give affection, too. This type of dog temperament is ideal when you have toddlers at home. This type of dog is obedient, docile, and very stable,

The fifth type of dog temperament is the Type E. This is what you what you need to watch out for because this temperament is very unpredictable, and very anxious. This type of dog temperament is not recommended for little children.

Now, that you know the different types of temperament and made a decision of what kind of temperament is perfect for you, how do you know the temperament of the puppy, before you buy English bulldog? Well all you need to do is to follow these personality check test.

The most common of all is the social ability of the puppy. You can determine what the dog temperament is by putting the puppy on the floor, then move a little away from the puppy, next call the puppy to you by clapping your hands. You know the puppy is type A temperament when the puppy moves towards you and jumps. While the type B dog temperament, will go to your direction not just with open heart but also with tail held high. The Type C dog temperament also runs to you wagging his tail, while the type D dog temperament runs to your direction, a but meek with his tail low. While the infamous type D dog temperament never moves at all.

Another test you need to do is as equally important as the sociability test, this is the tendency to follow you as his master. You know your puppy is going to be a great puppy to get along with when you move around him, then move away from his view without calling him. A type A dog temperament would follow you while chewing your feet. The type B dog temperament would follow you with its tail high, while the Type C dog temperament would also follow you with the tail low, and the type D dog would hesitate to follow you with also tail on the floor, while the the type E temperament would never follo you at all.

These are very important points when you decide to buy English bulldog.


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