It is perfectly okay to save money and be practical about what you want to buy. However, when you want to buy cheap English bulldogs, you need to be careful, because there might be something wrong with it. One of the reasons why there are cheap English bulldogs is that they may be mixed with other breeds. It is very hard to identify a pure breed from a mixed breed when the puppy is very young, so you have to be careful. Checking the papers of the English bulldog puppy will settle you doubts of its purity. Another reason why an English bulldog puppy could be cheap to sell is that there could be something wrong with it, disorder, a physical defect, and many others. Having known this, it is wise that before buy English bulldog you are aware what you are getting into.

Therefore, here is something you need to do in choosing a cheap English bulldog.

The first one is the sociability check. What you are going to do is to get the English bulldog puppy from the cage and put it on the floor, and then you should move away from the puppy and try to attract by clapping your hands. Observe if the puppy responds in any way. Does the puppy jumps around, wags his tail and run to your arms? When he does, then the puppy passes the sociability test. If he doesn’t, then there are something wrong with that puppy. You have to remember that an English bulldog puppy is full of energy. When the puppy is weak, you have to think twice of purchasing or buying that puppy.

The next test is the ability of the puppy to follow you, his master. What you need to do is take the puppy out of the cage, move him in an area, and then slowly move away from without calling him. Observe what your puppy does. Does the puppy follow you around, while wagging his tail? Is he jumping, skipping around trying to play with your feet? When the puppy follows you with enthusiasm, he is one normal puppy with the great ability to follow his master. However, when the puppy just seats there and cries without following you, then you have to ask the pet shop owner what’s wrong with the puppy.

The third step is to find out the puppy’s capability to accept constraint. What you need to do is to get the dog out of the cage, then have the dog lie down on its back by putting your hand on his chest. What does the puppy does? Does the puppy become erratic? You have to take note of this, initially the puppy would resist, and then he would begin to growl, and moves his feet trying to break free. The puppy should struggle and struggle.

The fourth test is the ability of the puppy to respond to your treatment. What you need to do is to stroke him on the head, and lightly scratch her neck, and chest. The puppy should enjoy what you are doing to him. He should lick your hand or jump around.

The fifth step is the ability of the English bulldog puppy ability to reacts when being lifted. What you should do is to lift the puppy. What does you puppy do? Does he growls, whines, or tries to bite you, or lick you? It doesn’t matter what the puppy reacts as long as there is a reaction.

These tests are very helpful. It doesn’t matter if you are buying an expensive English bulldog, what matters is you are buying a healthy puppy.

Once your English bulldog puppy passed these tests and want to take him home, you have to be sure that you have his dwellings ready in your home. What are these? The first one is of course, the bed! You have to make sure that your pup’s bed is warm, cozy, and comfortable. The bed should consider your English bulldog’s size, because unlike any other breed, English bulldog cannot curl-up due to its short- backed physiology.

Another thing you should have is a feeding bowl and a water bowl. Make sure that these are large enough to accommodate the large mouth of your English bulldog. Moreover, opt for a stainless steel bowl since they do not retain odours and they are safer for you English bulldog to eat into.

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