So you have decided to buy one of those miniature English bulldog puppies. Contrary to what other breeders are saying, miniature English bulldog puppies are not a product of mixed English bulldog and pug. It is a pure English bulldog but the only the difference it its size.

It is very playful and can be great pet for children. Its height can reach to only about 30 cm maximum and weigh only 15 kg on average. Just like every pet you brought to your house, miniature English bulldog puppies will have some things you should do to ensure a good transition of living for the puppy.

Picking a bed for your puppy will be your number one consideration. You should be able to pick a plastic bed to these little one has the characteristic of English bulldog puppies to chew and test its teeth on a lot of things. You can get specially made dog blankets to ensure its comfortable rest.

Another thing to be ready of is the food bowl. You should buy stainless bowls that are non chewable. Miniature English bulldog puppies are very messy eaters and you can ask store clerks for assistance on the right bowls that cannot be easily turned upside down. You should decide early on where to feed your dog. Kitchen could be the ideal place as it can be easily cleaned and is away from your carpet.

Collar is also an essential thing to get for your miniature puppy. You can have your pet name stitch on the collar and have an ID tag attached complete with your info in cases he accidentally gets away during a walk in the park.

Investing in crate may be a good idea if you are planning to do a lot of travel with your dog later on. It can be an invaluable equipment also if you want to have your puppy join dog show in the future. Dog crate though can sometimes create anxiety to your miniature English bulldog puppy so it is advisable to get him used to it by having him play in the crate before attempting to use it immediately after buying.

Miniature English bulldog puppies will be needing more equipment as time will go by but for now, those mentioned things should be available immediately after buying one.

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