These travel tips are necessary for you to go around places with your english bulldog pet without any hint of trouble. Traveling is an enjoyable activity and sometimes the destination could not be completely enjoyed without taking into account the journey of getting there. But this can easily backfire when you are ill prepared for the trip and this becomes more complicated when you are bringing along your pet bulldog. The last thing that you want is to be troubled and problematic all through the trip. This can easily ruin everything making you regret the decision of bringing along your furry companion. Make sure that your first trip with your dog is a pleasant one so that the both of you can have a good reference and a very good motivation to do it again. The thing is, if you enjoy the trip your pet will too. There are many means to travel and there are also ways for each means to travel with pleasure. The elements of traveling can include a long ride in the car, short (or maybe long) flights, a hotel stay, a camping trip and many more. For each case you must be ready to address the needs of your pet and make him as comfortable as possible. Chances are if he is having a good time he will not give you any trouble at all.

There is nothing more worrying and frustrating than to lose a dog without a trace and no way to connect him to you if strangers can get to him first. So it is important your dog is wearing identification tags that have your name, contact number and other details. You can also put identification in your crate or carrier for faster identification of your dog when traveling by air.

Getting in line at the airport can be tiring enough with all the security checks and redundant baggage check not to mention the tap downs of many airports today due to the threat of terrorism. Spare yourself from further trouble with port officials if you are brining with you your bulldog. Be sure to bring with you your dog’s health certificate. Take your dog to the vet before your trip. You can also bring your dog’s vet records as proof that his rabies shots are updated. This extra preparation can mean all the difference for your trip. Never forget this extra detail. Do not forget to book in advance as there are limits to how many dogs an airplane can carry in a flight. If you have a direct route from your current location to your desired destination, prefer to book that flight. Be sure to have a carrier or crate for your dog as this is required by airlines.

When you are just planning out your trip and fixing your itinerary make sure that when you book a hotel you also get into the details of their policy about pets. This will help you steer away from unpleasant surprises like being rejected by your hotel when they see a pet with you. If you are traveling in a vacation hot spot in peak season this can be a very big problem that you do not want to encounter. So make sure you take this into account. Also some hotels charge extra for people with pets. So be sure that you already covered for this. This is again to help you prepare for everything.

As sure as people need some getting used to in long car trips, the same thing will be for dogs. Before you get him on the road for a cross state trip help him get adjusted with staying in the car longer than the trip to the vet. Dogs can get sick on the road too so it would be best that you make him feel that the long drive is “routine”. Bring him with you in your trips around town. As your dog builds time with you in the car in varying lengths of time he will be more comfortable in your upcoming long road trip. Do not forget to have some regular breaks in between your trip to give your dog a chance to relieve himself, drink water and stretch out.