This bulldog info sheet will give you a brief background regarding bulldogs. Bulldogs are great pet to consider at home but just like any pet, it has distinct personality that should jive yours to have a harmonious relationship together.

Bulldogs are indoor type of pets so it is great pet to have if you are living in an apartment. Just be sure to that it is allowed by your landlord. It cannot tolerate extreme cold as well as heat. It is advisable to prevent bulldogs from exposure to cold windy weather and its is fatal for bulldogs to be left alone in a car during summer days as it may succumb to heat stroke. Though considered as indoor pets, bulldogs necessitate to have exercise daily to avoid overweight issues as well to prevent boredom.

One aspect wherein bulldogs are frequently attack is on it health aspect. Given its pure breed status, many genetically abnormalities can be found in bulldogs. One of which is its highly susceptibility to acquire respiratory illnesses. Skin diseases and allergies can also be a problem as a hip and joint problems. Just like any pure breed, all it needs is regular vets check up and a tender loving care to counter.

Many other bulldog info sheet warns potential owners for bulldogs’ messy behavior. It is warned as messy eaters and can chew a lot of furniture and other. Though it may have some point , this behaviors are preventable. Obedience training can be done as well as potty training to prevent bulldogs from messing inside the house. A lot of patience though should be exercise in this aspect as bulldogs can stubborn at times and will require you to be firm and consistent in training. Chewing behavior on the other hand is a product of boredom and will call for attention as well as diversionary activities to prevent its occurrence.

Though presented sometimes negatively, bulldogs is a great companion dog. It is quite dependent on its owner and can be a very loyal dog. Even with its nasty looking appearance, bulldog are great for children and will not present aggressiveness towards people as they can be very gentle and sweet pet.

Be smart and research on bulldogs. Don’t let other unreliable bulldog info sheets discouraged you and stay away from this sweet, loving and loyal pet.

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