The cost of acquiring bulldog is getting expensive as many people now are opting of having English bulldog for adoption. Currently, English bulldogs ranks in the top ten as the most sought after dogs for pet. The price though in acquiring one is relatively high compared to many breeds of dogs.

In most cases, it is unusual to see English bulldog for adoption as this kind of dog is very hard to breed that is why some may command an outrageous price tags. With recent economic situation though some people move to other places and they opted to put their puppies for adoption to available responsible pet owners than moving it to shelter. Others may have issues in their health as bulldogs are very susceptible to respiratory ailments. Their behavior can be a problem too that’s why others may just give them.

Let me clarify why the last two reasons why people put their English bulldog for adoption should still be considered is, first, because bulldogs have rather short and flat nozzle, they have tendencies to have respiratory ailments. The trick here is avoid the bulldog being left outside of the house. They are prone to heat stroke so it is advise to avoid extreme heat for them. They also cannot tolerate the extreme cold so the trip to the park during bad weather should be postponed.

Next is their temperament. They are usually misunderstood because of their slow maturity development. While most dogs matures at two years, English bulldogs can still show puppy like behavior even up to three years old. They love to play and rank chewing as number activity. To counter this problem, one should be given alternative things to chew or do. Many owners are also frustrated as they have difficulty in teaching bulldogs. Contrary to popular belief, they are very intelligent dogs as they think first before following, but mostly not, what you are trying to teach. With a lot of patience, you and your dog will sooner be enjoying few tricks to show on.

Adopting bulldogs is a serious matter and should be done wholeheartedly. Remember that these pets might have traumatic experience with their previous owners. If you are serious in looking of English bulldog for adoption, you should check for available dogs in local and national clubs for bulldogs lovers.

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