One of the best family dog out there are the old English bulldogs. Though they can be nasty looking, this type of breed is very friendly and can be great with children. They can be extremely loyal to their owners also.

Old English bulldogs can appear menacing. Its size can look like a compacted dogs and they may look smaller because of their short stumpy feet. Its heads is fairly large compared to most other breeds of dogs. This is the reason why English bulldogs requires cesarean delivery when giving birth . And it face and legs a are full of masses of extra folding skin layers. Despite this almost different appearance and very fierce appearance, old English bulldogs are one of the most gentle type of dogs.

English bulldogs usually develops dependency to its owner. Though they may not be a great dog to guard as they do not bark that much, they can be extremely loyal and reliable companion at home. They can be quite dominating and should be taught dog obedience early. Another dog in the house might not be a good thing to pair with the old English bulldog as they want the whole family attention to be directed to him always.

Because of their compact head, old English bulldogs usually have problems in the respiratory system. It is best not to left this dogs outside the house as they can easily acquire respiratory illnesses. Extreme heat and cold is another problem as they cannot tolerate a sudden shift in temperature. They can suffer heat stroke if left inside a car and may be susceptible to wind chill during cold weather. Other issues include snoring when sleeping and can produce a nasty smelling gas because of its hyper digestive system.

Old English is an indoor type of dog. It is a great dog for families living inside apartments as they don’t require lawns to play around. This type can be lazy at times so it is a good idea to walk old English bulldog to the park daily. It can grow up to 12 years and many are reported to live longer than this lifespan.

If you are an indoor type of person with a wife and children living in an apartment, old English bulldogs is the perfect type of breed for you and your family.

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