Bulldogs have different types and breeds and one of which is the white English bulldog. It is said that this kind of bulldog is very rare and has been used in the farm for quite a number of years. This kind of bulldog is originally breed to perform different kinds of farm works. They herd farm animals and guard the farm from the predators.

Male white English bulldog grew to as tall as twenty five inches and can have an average weight of eighty five pounds. They can live up to fifteen years. Although majority of this breed are whites, some white English bulldog can be found with different shade ranging from few patches of black to some shades of reddish brown though these colors will not comprise more than ΒΌ of the overall color. Aside from being an original farm dog, white English bulldog can be a great family dog being gentle and loyal to its master.

Unlike its other bulldog family, white English bulldog are relatively healthy with only minor health related problems. It has no frequent respiratory problem than its other bulldog counterparts usually have. Still there are other genetic diseases that was brought about by gene manipulation that still manifest in some dogs. This includes hip dysplasia, deafness and skin problems.

Another difference of white English bulldog from other bulldog breeds is its active nature. Most bulldogs are indoor types while White English bulldogs still fancies himself as farm dog. It loves to run large open spaces and may not like to live in the confines of closed quarters. It constantly wants to roam around as if wanting you to give him a work. And it constantly want you to take him for a long walk. If left at home alone, white English bulldog might become aggressive or in some cases become depress which might lead to its early death.

It shares with other bulldogs though in terms of grooming as this kind of dog will not eat your precious time in beauty aspect alone. It short and smooth coat is very easy to handle and will require just few brush strokes to keep in shape.

In finding the right dog for yourself, you might consider having the white English bulldog as you will be surprised to have not only a great pet but a loving and loyal companion as well.

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