Bulldog breeds are one of the most popular type of dogs. It is often featured in many tv shows and cartoon programs. Its face is its most distinguishable feature being short and wrinkled. It usually weighs between 50 to 55 kg and has a strong and broad jaw.

Unknown to many, bulldogs ancestors has different features from what we can see today. Unlike its modern short demeanor sleepy look, original bulldogs are taller and more athletic. They are use in different kind of sports such as bear hunting. But it gained popularity in dog fighting which is a fad in the 17th century. It also gained some uses in baiting bulls. Unfortunately the sport was banned and this prompted breeders to crossed it with pug which explains its current look.

Contrary to popular belief, bulldog breeds are one of the most uncomplicated dogs. Though it has still the fierce look it retained from its ancestor, bulldogs are one of the most gentle dog breeds around. It is playful and can be used as a great pet for children. They can be extremely attached to its foster family and can be quite protective of every family members. The only drawback is that bulldogs have independent way of living and it may be hard to home train this type of dog.

One problem most bulldog breeds owner experiences is its susceptibility to respiratory ailments. This is due to its short muzzle that can interfere with its normal breathing. And even though it is not a winter type of dog, adequate ventilation is needed for its comfort level. Bulldog breeds are very susceptible to heat related problems.

Like every other dogs, bulldogs also necessitates proper grooming. One should bear in mind not to subject the dog to too many baths because of its vulnerability to respiratory problems. Colds and flu could be a common problem. But unlike other dogs, its short coat entails easy grooming. Its wrinkles should be kept moisture free and dry always.

Unfortunately, if you are an outdoor type of person, bulldog breeds is not the one for you. Bulldogs are not tolerable to sudden change of temperature and should be keep indoors always. Proper attention is needed as it loves constant interaction with its owners. To stay healthy though, a daily walk outside is a necessary activity for bulldog breeds.

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