Dry skin on dogs is not a life threatening situation for your pet. Though not an emergency to freak on, this situation should not be left unattended. Dry skin on dogs can be a great discomfort to your dogs as it will not stop scratching or licking the affected area. The situation can be unbearable that you are left helpless sometimes. To give you an overview, here are the most common causes of dry skin on dogs.

Food allergies is the number cause of dry skin on dogs. Many of the dog foods on the markets contain allergens that can trigger an attack on your dog. You should take note that other signs of allergy includes runny nose and watery eyes. It is necessary to eliminate possible dog foods that causes your dog allergy. You should ask your vet on how to undergo elimination diet.

Fleas can also trigger an allergic reaction which can cause dry skin on dogs. this can be seen as red swollen spots on the skin. Fleas shampoo is necessary to eliminate this problem. If the problems still persist, it is necessary to contact your vet for more radical treatment such as antibiotic and steroids therapy.

Some people have the tendency to over bath their dogs. Though with good intention, it is not advisable to constantly bath your dogs as this can eliminate the natural oil it have to prevent dry skin. Bathing is dependent on the type of dog you have. You should research on this aspect to prevent dry skin occurrence in your pet.

In addition to bathing, you should use shampoo specially develop to dogs. Most chemicals in shampoos that we uses can be irritating to the dogs causing them to scratch often.

In order to facilitate the spread of this natural oil, proper grooming should be done regularly. Without brushing, this protective oils will not be spread evenly and can be the cause of your dog’s dry skin.

And lastly, dry skin on your dogs may be an indication of poor health. Many dog foods are full of fillers and nothing else to save on cost and can be sold cheaply. Check out foods that are balance in nutrition and complete in essential vitamins and minerals needed by your dog. If unsure, ask your vet’s advice regarding this area.

Dry skin on dogs is an indication a hidden problems on your pet and should be check on by your vet for an appropriate treatment.

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