One of the most common discomfort your pet can have are dog skin problems. Seeing your dog scratching its skin should alert you for possible skin disorders. This problem should not be ignore as it can lead to other complications. The break in the skin due to scratching is a sure way for bacteria and other microorganisms inside your pet’s system.

The most common reason for dogs excessive scratching is the parasite living on its skin. Mites, fleas and lice are some common parasites affecting the dog. Some of these parasites are easily remove by dogs’ shampoo specializing in parasites removal. If symptoms persist after the treatment, you should consult your vet for more specialized treatment.

Some dogs not associated with shedding can lose a lot of hair due imbalance in nutrition. This happened in dog foods that give only satisfaction of fullness for dogs but lacks the important nutrients needed to have stronger hair. Food should have a balance amount of vitamins and minerals and should have the complete nutrients needed for dogs. It is important to check the label thoroughly and look for the seal that is approved by reputable agencies.

Microorganisms are major causes of skin infections. These include bacteria, yeast and fungus. Fungal infection can be seen as reddish circular patterns in the dogs skin. Yeast infection on the other hand are typically greasy and itchy and can produce a foul smell. While bacterial cause can be seen as little protrusion and often puss filled and can look like a human acne. Of all dog skin problems, these types present the most itchy feeling to your pet. One of the signs is frequent licking of the dog on the affected areas. And this can cause the problem to previously unaffected area. Fungal and bacterial creams are usually administered by the vet to counter this problems. And if the problem is so severe, oral antibiotics maybe required.

Allergy is another reason of itching. Just like humans, some of the common source is the food they eat. Other than the scratching, the dog may also manifest watery eyes and runny nose in allergic attacks. This can be difficult to diagnose but the rule of the thumb is to prevent your dog from consuming foods suspected of the cause of allergy.

It is important that at the beginning of the problem, a vet visit is advised to properly diagnosed the dog skin problems and can be given appropriate treatment as necessary.


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