There are preventive health tips for English bulldog puppies that you can easily apply to your pet. This will spare you from a lot of trouble later on. The English bulldog is known to be a breed that suffers from a lot of choric health conditions. This is the main reason why you should be on the preventive effort and not on the treatment side on these specific conditions. Medical interventions can be very costly even for pets. If you are in tight budget, this can seriously hurt your finances. Vaccinations are one of the many preventive measures you can do for your bulldog’s health. This can easily steer your dog away from common infections. If you are interested for the health of your dog seek to vaccinate them as soon as possible.

If you want to be in the preventive end of for your puppy’s health you must be observant and be genuinely interested in the routines, physical features and behavior of your dogs. In doing so you can easily identify if there is a problem with your dog just when the symptoms are just beginning to surface. If you know for sure of your dog’s level of energy you can easily notify your vet if you observed lately that he is not into playing that much. This can also include your familiarization of your dog’s eating habits. If he is not eating that much then maybe it is time to go to your vet immediately. These small and subtle signs might go unnoticed to someone who does not really know their dogs. It is often the case that they realize too late if their dog is sick. This can mean higher medical fees. You need to “inspect” your dog once in a while. Check for lumps or any signs of swelling (infection). You can look at the color of his eyes, breathing rhythm and inspect his ears and mouth. These routine checks can help you look at the health of your dog in its entirety. You may not be a specialist at this but you can surely notice some irregularities if there are any. This will be the key for a timely diagnosis and medical intervention.

If you just bought your first English bulldog puppy you must secure a medical record from the breeder that can detail the health condition of the dog. But even if the puppy has a clean bill of health from the breeder it is still advisable that you take the puppy to your vet and have him check the dog just to be sure. This can spare you from any unpleasant surprises later on. Your vet will be the one to tell you for sure that the puppy is healthy. If he needs immunization the vet can give that to him then and there, but this is not a once in a lifetime intervention. This should be done annually. Since the bulldog is a breed that is prone to many health conditions a regular check up to the vet will be in a way preventing severe health problems that can develop overtime. Early detection would mean early intervention. The time is on your side when you do it this way. Desperate and reactive interventions will never do you good. It is expensive and most of the time, something that needs to be done over longer periods of time. It is very easy to not to think about diseases when they are not yet diagnosed but when they do come, if you have not done your share in preventing it from coming then this can cause you some very deep regrets especially if your dog will suffer great heights of pain from the condition.

As a responsible owner you must be knowledgeable too about the breed of your dog. If your English bulldog is purebred then you need to understand the implication of that in the aspect of your dog’s health. There are many online resources that you can read to gain more insight about your dog. The rule stands sure and strong: prevention will always be better than cure. It costs less and it spares your dog from any degree of suffering.