Before you decide to get an English bulldog, you need to know who will take care of it. English bulldog is not just your ordinary dog that you leave around the house. English bulldogs have special needs. They are not that delicate, but there are factors that you need to remember in owning an English bulldog.

You need to keep in mind that English bulldogs are sensitive to temperature. They can suffer from heatstroke quite easily. This means that when you are living in a tropical place, you have to make some adjustments to accommodate your English bulldog. During summer time, you need to make sure that the area is cool enough for your English bulldog. You have to make sure that the temperature stays 90 degrees or below, a temperature higher than 90 degrees can be detrimental to the health of your English bulldog. If you can’t tell what temperature it is, then it is about time you buy a wall thermometer. When the weather is too hot and you want to take you English bulldog for a walk, be sure to wet him first and bring lots of water for your English bulldog to drink before taking him out. It is also wise not to stay too long outside the heat of the sun. However, during wintertime, you might also want to adjust the temperature, too, since English bulldog puppies get cold easily. During very cold season, let your English bulldog wear a sweater and doggie boots is totally is advisable. This would protect your English bulldog from catching cold easily. Take note of the temperature, keeping your English bulldog in a 60 degree temperature for too long will have adverse effect. Therefore, the ideal temperature for your your English bulldog is 80- 90 degrees to keep him from experiencing heatstroke or from catching cold.

When it comes to feeding your English bulldog, there are few things that you should know to keep your beloved pet on tiptop shape. For instance, if you want to change brand of the dog food you usually give your English bulldog, you need to do it slowly to give time for the stomach to adjust. Doing it gradually means, mixing half of the old brand and half of the new brand for a week, then the next week, mix one fourth, then three fourths, after this you can feed your English bulldog with the new brand without mixing it with the old one.

When it comes to feeding and avoiding your English bulldog from being obese, you need to cut back the feeding to 2 times a day after your –et is 6 months old. You also need to be sure that you feed your pet clean fresh water.

With regard to his feeding bowl, be sure that you wash it with soap and water several times a day, or every after feeding. English bulldogs are messy eaters, that is why cleaning it before putting the new batch of food is important to avoid mixing spoil food and bacteria from mixing with the new dog food.

It is normal for your English bulldog puppy to practice some teething. It is for your own good to provide chew toys to help your English bulldog puppy in his teething phase. Cow hooves are more advisable to use rather than pig ears or other cheap rawhide and greenies because this can cause diarrhoea, bloating and worst chocking. Diarrhoea, bloating and chocking is very risky to the health of your English bulldog.

I have a dog and I know how in convenient and stressful it is when my dog gets sick. That is why when your English bulldog is suffering from diarrhoea be sure to stop all the foods you give him for twelve hours. If the diarrhoea still persists for 24 hours, go to your veterinarian to avoid the adverse and life threatening effect of diarrhoea which is dehydration. Puppies dehydrate fast, so be sure that you take this seriously.

English bulldog health depends to not only the attention you give, but also the care and affection. English bulldogs are people’s dog. Your puppy needs all the love and affection from you. The love you give is the best English bulldog care you can do.


Feeding Tips – Good feeding tips for your English bulldog can make the difference in their health and their well being. A well fed dog would equal to a healthy canine companion. This would result to a happy dog a mild mannered pet. Read more…