English bulldog health concerns are just like any other breeds of dogs. They all have the tendency to encounter the same health problems. The big factor when it comes to English bulldog health is the way you take care of your dog, just like us human beings, our health depends on how we take care of our body, the food we eat and the exercises we do. And just like human being and other dog breeds, English bulldogs can have epilepsy, arthritis, cancer and diabetes, too. These are life threatening conditions that can plague your precious English bulldog and we will tackle most of them in this article. English bulldog health needs should be watched carefully, and needs close observation because of the English bulldog’s high tolerance for pain.

In health, the cliché, prevention is better than cure cannot be more wrong. It is always wise to have do preventive medications for your English bulldog. A good English dog breeder would begin the preventive measures right at the mother of the puppy. This is so important because the mother can give or pass on the diseases or the resistant of it to her puppies. This is very important because if the dam has not been vaccinated at all, and if she is infected with external and internal parasites she can pass in the parasites and other infection to her puppies.

It is always advisable that you should take your English dog puppies in to the veterinary within the first 24 to 72 hours after having it. See to it that your veterinarian would do a general check up. He should see that the your English bulldog has no serious problem, and should educate you on your English puppy’s vaccination protocol. This protocol may differ from one veterinarian to another, so be sure to stick to one veterinarian for a consistent check up.

When it comes to skin conditions, a different skin diseases may have apparently the same visual symptoms. it is therefore very important to look for an advice to your veterinarian who will give you the best care for your dog. It is important that after having mentioned that different diseases may have the same visual symptoms, you should not try self- medicating your dogs, or try to put any topical medication without the prescription of your trusted veterinarian, or you may be doing more harm than good to your English bulldog health. The common English bulldog skin diseases are seborrhoea, acne, and eczema.

When you have an English bulldog, nothing can terrify you most when you see your English bulldog vomiting and having diarrhoea. It is important that when you see these symptoms you won’t panic. In puppies, the most common cause of diarrhoea is over feeding, or a sudden change of diet can also be a cause, too, or a fever and chill can cause you English bulldog puppy manifest diarrhoea. When you puppy’s having diarrhoea due to its diet, be sure to cut back on food quantity. You might also want to try giving boiled poultry or fish mixed with rice to your English bulldog. It is also a must that for the tip top shape of your English bulldog health, you need to make sure that your beloved canine have lots of fresh water intake.

Diarrhoea should not be taken lightly, you should never ignore it, and when you this symptom, you should immediately go to see the vet. Waiting for a couple of days could mean the life of your English bulldog. Keep in mind that dehydration, a serious side- effects of diarrhoea kills.

When it comes to eye problems, it is usually caused by trauma, infection, or irritation. English bulldogs are susceptible to eye problems just like other dog breeds. So be sure that you take every day eye care of your bulldog.

One health problem that English bulldogs are susceptible is the gastric torsions and bloats. Breeds with deep chests, and narrow waists, just like the English bulldogs are prone to this. This is where the stomach fills up with air and rotates on its supporting ligaments, and it rotates in the supporting ligaments, it seal off the blood supply. When the blood supply is cut off expect that your English bulldog health would deteriorate. It is best that you consult your veterinarian about this condition and how to prevent it.


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