Fleas, they are almost synonymous to dogs. It seems that you are sure to have with the other. Fleas are also one of the common English bulldog health problems, and it is annoying to your English bulldog as much as you do. Good thing there is a solution to end dog fleas and allow your dog to have comfortable life without the itching and scratching. Here are some ways to put an end to one of the most common English bulldog health problems.

The first one is to use flea powders, shampoos, and sprays. Using these products would instantly kill the fleas infesting your English bulldog. The problem however is that after twenty-four hours, these fleas would instantly come back. To make sure that the fleas would permanently leave your English bulldog, here are some tips in using the flea shampoo. When you are shampooing your English bulldog, start on the head, then face, the ears, and then work your way towards the whole body and the legs and the tail. This would prevent the fleas from hiding in those hard to reach areas. However, when you are shampooing this area, be sure that you use a sponge, or something that would protect the dog’s eyes from the shampoo. Make sure you rinse the shampoo thoroughly when rinsing.

When it comes to the fleas sprays, there are top of the line products that are effective in stopping dog fleas. Some dog fleas sprays rapidly annihilate the fleas and are safe enough to use every day, if needed. There are flea sprays that have insect growth regulators. This component is very helpful, because it stops or breaks the life cycle of the fleas. However, not all flea sprays are created equally, be sure that you read the label and follow the instructions of application to be safe and effective, since there are some flea sprays that are meant to be used weekly instead of daily.

When you decide to use the flea powder, all you have to do is put it on your dog’s coat. However, be sure that you let your dog stay away from small children after putting on some fleas powder to prevent the children from inhaling it form the dog’s coat.

Another treatment against fleas is the flea rinse or dips. This treatment is effective for about four to five days, but this usually depends on how efficient the product you are using, and how well you follow the procedures. In this treatment, the rinse is being applied to the English bulldog after it has been shampooed, and not rinsed out and is being left to dry on the coat of your dog. This is the process where you dip your dog from tail to nose. The proper way of using is to always begin on the head, face, and ears. this is so to prevent the fleas from hiding in this hard to reach areas. You have to be extra cautious not to let the flea dip solution reach the eyes of your dog. This can be a delicate process, so be sure that you follow the instructions carefully.

For a safer option, you can go to the veterinarian’s office or a grooming salon, where you can ask for assistance in dipping your dog. This way you can have be sure that nothing can go wrong.

Flea dips are available in many pet shops and supermarkets, but you don’t need to do this when there is no serious infestation of the fleas. The point is, whatever procedure you want to do to get rid of the fleas, you have to check the age restrictions noted in the label, since there are many flea products that are not suitable for the puppies. It is also important that you should never use any cat products for your dog.

Another product that can end your dog flea problem is to use flea collars. These are practical, convenient, and are a very good preventive measure against flees. These flea collars also work 24 hours. The downside of this product is it can be less effective when there is great infestation of the fleas, especially on climates that are conducive to fleas.

It is important that when you treat the one of the most common English bulldog health problems, you should be well- informed of what you are doing to avoid problems.