One thing to consider in having a pet is to adopt English bulldog. This pet is ideal for the family as it is child friendly and very loyal to his master. Here are the few things to consider in the pet before adopting one.

English bulldog is quite special and unique compared to other dog breeds as it has wrinkled face and chest. But its whole body is smooth and fine and is ideal fluffy playmate for children in the small confines of home.

If you have active outdoor lifestyles, then this breed is not for you. English bulldog is more of an indoor type of dog and may have difficulty staying long outside especially during extreme heat or cold. Yet they should still need a daily dose of walk in the park as a form of its exercise.

To most people attempting to adopt English bulldog, a characteristic match should be done. Some English bulldogs can have a varied temperament. But one thing is for sure, this type of dog will always be your baby. Most dog reaches maturity in two years and they forgo their childlike behavior. English bulldogs on the other hand starts to mature at three years. In this three long years from being a puppy, you can expect a lot of chewing on everything he fancies.

Grooming can be a taxing experience for many dog. Fortunately, English bulldogs is very easy to manage in terms of beauty care. With fine hairs, brushing will be a bliss. It also doesn’t need constant bathing as it is prone to acquire respiratory ailments. But don’t worry, this kind of dog does not stink. Just be sure to wipe the folds with clean damp cloth and immediately dry to prevent harboring of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Teaching tricks and command may be a frustrating experience to pet owners. This is due to the fact that English bulldogs are highly intelligent pets and will think first before following instruction. A good trainer though may be able to teach obedience to this type of dog.

If one plans to adopt English bulldog, he should be able to check those characteristic that is appropriate for a good pet-owner relationship.

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