So you have decided to get an English bulldog puppy for yourself? Before rushing to answer different ads that sell English bulldog puppies, it is wise to know first the basics of this cute and lovable animal. It is not good for you and your pet later on if what you got may not be complementary to your lifestyle and character. It is better to be informed well and well versed on the subject to enjoy the life with your pet.

Although English bulldog puppies are very cute and cuddly, it is important to know that their uniqueness is also the reason for some of their health issues. Bulldogs have undergone to a lot of breeding process through the years. It experiences a lot of changes and is almost a lot different from their ancestors who are used to deal with bulls. In fact their present adorable form is now deformed form of the original bulldogs. Their almost flat demeanor predisposes them to a lot respiratory ailments. English bulldog especially its puppies are also intolerant to extreme cold and hot environment. It is advised that the room for your pet is well ventilated and air conditioned as they easily succumb to heat. It is ill advised to left your English bulldog puppy outside particularly during hot weather as they can easily get heat stroke. They easily get tired so it is not used as a jogging partner. For this reasons, it is considered that these types of dogs as indoor varieties and will be ideal to those living in apartments.

If you are a neat freak, English bulldog puppy is not the right dog for you. Although they can be easily groomed, some variety are shedding excessively. Unlike other dogs wherein you will not notice the hairs, English bulldogs will force you to develop a good cleaning habit as its shed are quite numerous and visible. Be prepared to as they always love to chew. Be sure to provide chewing toys to divert its attention from chewing your valuable furniture and other home stuffs.

Besides the mentioned possible surprises, bulldogs are great home companions. They are very loving and one of the most loyal pet you can get. If you had made up your mind, get yourself a nice English bulldog puppy but be sure to get it directly from a reputable breeder.

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