A lot more people are entice to answer the British bulldog puppies for sale ad without first thinking the consequence of having this pet. Many then are left with bad choices and inappropriate mix of characteristics between the pet and the owner. Before jumping on the add and buying this kind of dog, please spend some time on the following criteria on what you really want in your pet.

Size and body type should be your number one consideration. There are huge varieties to choose from. Many breeders can show you different kinds and it is wise idea to match these criteria to your character.

Colors define the character of your dog. One has to bear in mind that each color has its own uniqueness. You should be able to pick what you really like in a hundred percent scale. The gender can also be an issue. Having male or female is important consideration particularly to attitude. In some instance, most males tend to be bigger than their female counterpart so you should be able to decide on that one.

One should also take into consideration the breeders that post British bulldogs puppies for sale ad. You have to know if the breeder is reputable. If you want to join your dog in some dog shows later, you should be able to link good bloodlines with your prospective puppy. And be sure that you will be getting the appropriate documentation with your dog as papers will be needed in joining shows. A good breeder can also give you the healthiest possible pup. There should be records of vaccination as well as vet check.

Another consideration is the location of the breeder. In some instance such as warm weather, the breeder may not allow the long transport of the British bulldog puppies as this will toast these guys. Bulldogs cannot tolerate extreme cold and heat. Others may ship this little things so it is a wise idea to learn in advance how this works as you may not be comfortable with this situation.

If you have considered all this things, go back again to the main question which is, do I really want British bulldog puppies? If your answer hastily without hesitation the word “yes!”, then go on, answer the British bulldog puppies for sale ad now!

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