The English bulldog or simply called the “bulldog” is a stocky breed that is known for its wrinkles in the face and its muscular, rounded body. There are many bulldogs now that comes from different lines with almost the same features of this English dog but is also important to note that the real breed that had this name is the English bulldog. It walks with a waddle because of how its feet are positioned in its frame. This is also one of the most distinct characteristic of this breed that has made it a crowd favorite in many dog shows all around the world. The name bulldog was first coined way back in the 1500’s because the use of the breed in bull baiting and bearbaiting. Because the dog has a big head and strong jaws, it was up for the job. It was only in the 1800’s that eventually parliament illegalized the practice. Those who have been engaged with the breed since then turned their attention to dog shows.

The bulldog is a good family dog. Through years of domestication and proper training by the breeders these animals are very gentle and safe for kids to play around. Known to be intelligent and loyal companions, the English bulldog is one of the most known breeds of dogs in the world. It is very easy to take care of. Since they are “small” in so many ways they are ideal for city dwellers that might be short of expansive space. They stand at 12 inches up to 16 inches in height (ground to shoulder) and weigh up to 55 pounds. These dogs need all the attention they can get so it would be great for you and your family to have a daily routine of play and recreation. They are naturally playful (as any dogs are) making it a great family dog. They need regular physical exercise to steer them clear from health issues that are common with their breed.

Bulldog puppies can be bought just about anywhere and there are online breeders that would gladly sell you one. But you need to be careful in purchasing English bulldog puppies. Just when you thought you have saved a lot in your purchase it might have been a ripped off especially when the breeder you bought it from is a fake. It is always better to be in contact with breeders who are in it for the passion of the dogs rather than just for pure business. It would also help if these dogs are raised in a loving family and in a home setting than puppies that are left isolated and crated most of time. The difference will show in the way these dogs will interact with people. Sometimes these bits and pieces of personal breeding practice is all you need to identify good breeders from the not so good breeders. English bulldog responds well to affection and when they are raised by breeders in an environment that is rooted in this they also become well adjusted dogs that would surely not fail you when you own them and have them as a part of your own family. Commercial breeding is the least route you want to take. Take extra care where you buy your dogs.

The breeder must also be a member of AKC or the American Kennel Club. This organization can identify reputed breeders and registers their litter accurately. It can also keep track of the records of the family line of puppies and dogs. If you are particular about the line of champions then this is the best way to make sure that you get a dog that has all the right breeding for competition fitness. These dogs are not necessarily cheap so it would be great that you keep in mind the importance of taking every step to ensure the breed, health and training of your English bulldog puppies just before you hand in your cash. Although it is easy to be swayed with impulse when looking for great looking bulldog puppies, you need to be more discerning. Make sure that you balance out the money you are prepared to let go to the quality of the puppies that your current “budget” can afford.