English bulldog puppies are popular pet due to its cute appearance. It is a great indoor dogs and can be a very loyal companion. It is ideal pet to family with children and is a perfect fit for people who is more home based. Just like any puppies, English bulldog have basic things it needed during its early days at home.

Your English bulldog puppies will do a lot of eating during the first few weeks. Four small meals a day is the recommended frequency and can be lessen to two but big meals as it approaches maturity. It is therefore be needing feeding bowls. In choosing bowls, you should select the stainless style type coated with rubber exteriorly with tapered sides. This is to ensure that your puppy will not be able to push it around and prevents spillage.

Collar is another essential thing you should get your little buddy. Popular are those that are made of nylon and leather materials. There are many appealing collars for puppies but remember that English bulldog puppies can grow quickly and it is a wise idea to choose the type that can be adjusted. Although you can stitch your puppy’s name in the collar, it is a great idea to attach ID tag as well to put additional info such as your phone number in case your puppy gets away.

English bulldogs will be needing exercise to prevent it from getting overweight. It is best to instill exercise habit when it is still a puppy. One of the best exercise for you puppy is a daily walk in the park. To execute this, you will be needing a leash to prevent his instinct to run away. Because your pet is still a puppy, it is advisable to stay away from the retractable leash first.

English bulldog puppies are big chewers especially if they are bored. They can do a lot of damage in your furniture and carpet. To prevent this is to provide constant attentions and activities as well as toys for chewing as a diversionary tactic.

It is important to have these essentials equipments to have in the first few days of your puppy. Always remember that English bulldog puppies should be treated as part of your family and its basic needs should also be provided.

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