If you are going to train your English bulldog then you’d better prepare the right dog training equipment to make them more comfortable.

Here are some of the dog training equipments.


The collars should be made wide leather which is three quarters of nylon or leather and must have a fourth link in the chain. Half of the controls are good when training, because you can achieve with a rattle of the chain to attract the attention of the dog. When mounting a collar, make sure you can fit two fingers between it and the dog’s neck. Check the hose periodically for signs of friction, and also to see which remains comfortably in your growing dog.


Belts, as collars are available in all kinds of lengths and designs. More important, however, is to choose the most suitable for you and your dog. It makes a big difference for both convenience and control parts, if you have a leash, which is the correct length for the size of the dog, and the correct width of your hand.

Leash must be long enough to maintain a loose tension around the dog’s neck. If it is too quick to pull the dog along or if it is too long then you do the pulling with your feet on the lead. Select fabric or leather lead, which can be extended or shortened to the desired value (as the dog trainers often do), use it while training the dog and when just out for a walk.

Retractable belts are available in a variety of models, but some are better than others, it is imperative that you choose one that you can easily and instantly remove when desired. You should also buy the right variety that would suit your dog’s weight, otherwise it might not be strong enough to control (some have been reported under stress and pressure causing serious injury). To be on the safe side, do not use dogs to pull the retractable cord.


Also known as the den or a cage, the cage acts as a bed and is useful for toilet training. It will also keep the dog separated from his family and other pets, if necessary, and will provide security when traveling with your dog.

Here are some of the most important and basic dog training equipments you need to prepare.