There a lot of breeders across the country and most of them are offering English bulldog stud service. A stud service is the way in which a stud dog is loaned to other dog owners to mate with a partner dog. This is to ensure that a pure breed will result in breeding.

There are many services you can get regarding this topic. Reputable breeders usually advertise in newspaper, dogs and pet magazines and in the internet. One thing to be careful in this approach is that there are people who may actually abuse this approach as they may loan you an inferior breed or even not pure breed at all. In order to prevent this occurrence, you should request for proper documentation and see to it that the stud dog is pure blood and in good bloodline.

One of the most reliable tool in finding the right English bulldog stud service is through the online forums and websites. Dog matching here is easy and fast. You can select different studs as many breeders prefer this kind of advertisement as it is fast and cover a wider range of potential customers.

If having a perfect show dogs puppies is your goal then you must attend dog show events. You can approach wining owners if they are offering English bulldog stud service. You will be assured of a champion lineage and a great blood line. If they are not offering the service, you can ask for references that might help you in your quest. The problem in this aspect though is the money matters. Most stud service that offers champions lineage may command a higher service fee than others. If budget is not a problem then this approach is the right one for you.

If internet prove to be unreliable to you and dog shows search is fruitless, another approach is to contact English bulldogs clubs. They can refer you to the right person with good English bulldog stud service.

After you have found and contacted the right stud owners, be sure to arrange for a meeting in his place. It is important to check his background on dogs and how he does it at home. You should check the condition of the dog and his environment as well as the kind of English bulldog stud service they are offering.

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