English bulldog names usually reflects the personality of the owner. Though it is a dog’s identity, its owner decided on this aspect. What you call to your English bulldog can say a lot about its owner.

It is a good idea to pick a name that can be easily recognize by your pet. A two syllable word should be a good choice in naming an English bulldog. It is not a good idea to have a longer name as it will be not recognizable to your pet. Some may find it clever to call their English bulldog Wrinkled Face but he may not be able to respond to this call easily. It will be embarrassing to call your dog this name outside your home.

Some names might be frightening to most people especially the children. Name such as killer, terrorist and bomber may be cool but can be inappropriate in using at home with children. Other parents may react negatively if you call your dog with this name in the park with children around. With the constant scare of terrorism, it will cause a lot of stares calling these names to your dog in public places.

Names that may sound like most dog commands may be inadvisable to use. Remember that bulldogs have a higher intelligence quotient than most dog and it is the reason why it will be harder to teach them as they can question their master commands. Giving them names that can sound alike with this commands: sit, up, down, stay, go, stop can be confusing to them on its actual meaning.

Many call their dogs names derived from actual people names. It is usually a standard thing to do but it can prove to be embarrassing especially if a new friend or acquaintance is visiting you and you call your dog with the same name as your guest.

Another English bulldog names blunder is having to call him in opposite of its attributes. There are a lot of cute names out there but it may not provide a nice pair to name your English bulldog, which is associated with stronger quality, sweet name such as Pinky or Spongy.

Naming your dog can be a fun process. just keep in mind in giving your English bulldog names, you will be comfortable with it as this will be what everybody else will call your bulldog in the years to come.

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